Here are some
      Frequently Asked Questions

      Planning a wedding and booking service providers can be a daunting task. Here are some answers to a few questions you might have. If there’s anything we didn’t mention here or if you would like to get to know us better. Please give us a shout!

      After Our Shoot
      How do we contact you?

      The best is to fill in our contact form. This just helps us fast track past a whole lot of Q&A and on to what really matters, what you would like for your wedding day. We’ll send you our pricing so you can have a look at what we offer.

      Can we meet you before booking?

      Of course! We’d love to buy you drink and get to know you better before the big day. If you happen to live too far away or our schedules just aren’t syncing, we’re more than happy with a good cup of coffee over Skype.

      What equipment do you use?

      Our gear includes two mirrorless Fuji X-T1 bodies, we have a variety of lenses which includes our two favourites a 35mm and a 56mm. When necessary we use two on-camera speed lights (flashes) during the reception. We edit on a 27 inch iMac that we lovingly call Martha. The software we use is a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC which we pay for monthly and are fully licensed and legal. Your pictures are backed up on at least two high-quality hard drives and also lives on Martha until we have delivered the photographs to you. We believe in keeping our kit as minimal as possible. This keeps us super mobile and focused on you instead of all the various equipment we're lugging around.

      Could you perhaps edit our photos differently?

      Unfortunately no. This is a big day and you deserve to have everything that you want, however, we have a bit of a ‘marriage’ with our work that we have to work on too. The way we edit and take our pictures is a part of our personality and we’d prefer not to change that. It makes us who we are. If what we do is not your cup of tea we won’t be offended and we’d love to recommend some brilliant fellow photographers. If you feel like you can help us improve our editing please don’t hesitate to tell us, we’re always up for learning new tricks!

      Do I have to pay a deposit?

      Yes, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit via EFT to secure your wedding date, along with a signed copy of our contract. The full amount is payable a week before your wedding. We do not accept cash.

      Will you scout the venue before the wedding?

      We sure will! If we’ve shot a wedding there before it really isn’t necessary for us to scout it. If the venue is not too far away we can arrange a date to go have a look around. If you are getting married a bit further away and it is either too difficult or impossible for us to scout, we will make sure to give ourselves ample time before we start shooting to familiarise ourselves with the venue.

      How does accommodation and travel work?

      If your wedding is less than an hour and a half away from our home in Pretoria you don’t have to worry about accommodation. If the venue is more than an hour and a half away we’ll need a to be provided with accommodation, nothing fancy, a neat B&B will do. We charge AA rates and toll fees for anything outside a 50km radius from our home. There is more on this in the price list and the contract.

      Do you have any restrictions on which weddings you choose to photograph?

      Of course not! We have welcome differences, in fact, we love that we're all different. Sexual orientation, religion, race is NOT a deciding factor for us. We’d love to be a part of your day and what’s important to us is that you’re marrying your partner in life. The only thing that will make us not photograph your wedding is if our personalities just don’t mix and either party feels uncomfortable. Like between a couple there should also be some chemistry between a couple and their photographers. You’ll be spending a bunch of time with us on the day and it is incredibly important that we all feel comfortable around each other.

      How do I know how much time is needed for our photographs?

      Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know that it is probably the first time you’ve ever had to plan anything like this. We have a little help package that we supply you with when you book with us. This helps not only you but it also helps us to know exactly what to expect. The package includes timeline suggestions, tick lists you need to complete as well as an info worksheet. Plus, we’re always open to suggestions on what else we can do to make you more relaxed on the day.

      Do we need to provide dinner for you?

      Yes, please. By the time it is dinnertime we’ve usually worked for at least six hours. A meal helps us with that last stretch.

      Where should we seat you?

      Firstly, it really is necessary for us to have somewhere to sit and also put down our bags and extra equipment. We’ve been lugging these around for the whole day. We don’t need anything major and we also don’t need to sit with your guests. If you can place us somewhere in a corner or in a room next door that is perfectly fine. As long as we are relatively close to the action and it is safe to leave our equipment there.

      Can we ask you to stay a bit longer?

      Of course, you can. Sometimes schedules don’t work out as planned and things do run overtime. If you want us to stay longer we’ll discuss it with you and we’ll bill you after the wedding. Please see our standard rates in the price list and contract.

      When can I expect to receive my photographs?

      You will receive your photographs within six to eight weeks. If your wedding is in peak season, November – January, please expect your photographs in eight to twelve weeks.

      Can I have the RAW images?

      Unfortunately, we do not hand over RAW images. You are welcome to send us a mail so that we can explain why :)

      My wedding was last year but I want an album now. Is it too late?

      Never! Let’s get planning! Albums are beautiful mementos and the easiest to keep your pictures close by for viewing. There is just nothing quite like some fine art paper between you fingers. We, unfortunately, don’t design fine art albums containing photographs not taken by us.

      Can I post our photographs on social media?

      Yes of course, as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes or sell it you’re more than welcome to. If you check on your USB there’s a folder with web friendly photographs. When you post, it would be awesome if you could give us a mention. We do have a little referral bonus!

      How long do you keep our photographs?

      As long as we possibly can, we keep hard drives with the final edits in a secure safe on and off our property. If however, it gets to a point where we can’t afford to keep the photographs we will have to delete it. Please make sure you copy your wedding pictures to multiple computers. Ideally, pick your absolute favourites and open an account for a cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud and store your wedding photographs there as back up.