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      This little part is the first step of an entire journey. Filling in this contact form allows us to go past all the administrative Q&A’s and straight to what matters, what you want for your wedding day. We’ll send you our pricing as well as answer any questions you might have. Please fill in the form as best you can and let’s get talking! Feel free to introduce yourself. You can tell us how you first met and what makes your heart beat faster. Share your venue, style, plans, and expectations with us. Let us get to know you better, it’s the best way to start off your story!

      In order to maintain a unique approach and quality, we can only book a limited number of weddings a year. We’re avid believers in quality over quantity. This allows us to really dedicate our time to each of our couples and give them the experience and attention to detail that they deserve. Getting married is not an annual occurrence and we believe that you deserve a best friend (who knows the industry) to make sure this experience is one of your best.

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