The Start of Fermier

Fermier Restaurant‘s story is one of those that just makes us so excited. Artists are becoming small business owners and creating their own spaces where they can express their creativity to their heart’s content. When chef Adriaan Maree said he didn’t want to stage photographs we rejoiced. We hung around just before the restaurant opened and just got a few snaps of what happens before diners enter Fermier. We’ll continue to return to Fermier as often as we can and share some of this story with you. To read more of Fermier have a look at my blog post.

Fermier by Forever Folk_0001 Fermier by Forever Folk_0004 Fermier by Forever Folk_0005Fermier by Forever Folk_0002 Fermier by Forever Folk_0006 Fermier by Forever Folk_0007 Fermier by Forever Folk_0008 Fermier by Forever Folk_0009Fermier Menu_0003 Fermier Menu_0007 Fermier Menu_0016 Fermier Menu_0033 Fermier Menu_0036


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