Kirsty and Thiago at Ludwig’s Roses Pretoria

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. Lately, we’ve just found it to be so true with all of the couples we have the honour of photographing. Kirsty and Thiago came into our lives so unexpectedly and we can’t thank our friends enough for referring these two. Their great taste in music and our shared love of fantastic food made everything effortless and fun. Thank you for a fantastic day and for connecting with us and trusting us even if we led you to bug ridden foliage and compost. We hope that every day is a brand new but also familiar adventure. You guys are too cool!

“People and relationships are so important to us. The most memorable part of our day was the people we shared it with. Our amazing family, our closest friends, the coolest photographers. People who shared our relationship with us, and were there to see it change into something else, to share that change so that they can continue with us into the next phase. It sounds like the saying “it takes a village..” but I really think relationships consist of more than two people, it consists of all the people that helped us be the people we are today, and that will continue to impact us as a married couple.” ~ Kirsty and Thiago